Hey there big dreamer,

I want to have a chat about how much money you are earning, or more specifically, not earning. Because from what I understand having a successful business includes making a profit, and when you are not making a profit, it all just gets a bit shit.

And I certainly don't want you to think your business is crap just because you're not earning the money you have your heart set on. The truth is you are going to be leaving money on the table not because you don't know business, but because you are so close to the trees you can't see the bigger money forest you're standing in. #truestory

If you want to know how to turn over a generous income within a 12 month time frame, that can not only support your business and your family without forgetting why you got into business in the first place (time freedom, financial freedom - heeeeelllooooooo!) then you need to keep reading, while having a serious think about how much your dreams coming true are worth to you.

I'm ready to see your business (and profits) soar, how about you?

What on Earth is an Income Action Plan?

An Income Action Plan (apart from being my #1 best seller in 1:1 work with me) is where I sit you down and we talk about where you are currently at in your business, where you want your business to go, and what (you believe) is stopping you from making it all happen. This part is all you, and I'll be taking furious notes and listening to every word you say, but most importantly every word you are not saying.

Once I have the full picture, I'll give you a quick lesson in value ladders, copy writing and website traffic (all relevant to making sales), and then I'll start to take everything you have said and rearrange it into a streamlined sales funnel that will leave you wondering why on Earth you didn't think of this beforehand.

I'll also bring to the surface any buried personal self-sabotaging blocks that I recognised between the lines from our conversation so you can identify them and become aware of how they continually show up in your work and consequently, your results.

While I am upfront and tell it how I see it, I do so with kindness and empathy because for a long time I was leaving a lot of money on the table purely because I had no idea about what I didn't know. But now I know and I want to share it with you, because I freakin' love action takers and hearing feedback from women who chase down their dreams.

Because overall the future of your dreams will come down to how seriously you want to take them. Are you happy to keep daydreaming, or are you ready to step up?

This Is What You Get When You Invest:


A pre-session questionnaire that takes a snapshot look at where you are at with your business when it comes to numbers, offerings and marketing plans. You get to fill this questionnaire out immediately after payment so you can begin to brainstorm new ideas for your business in preparation for our session.


Your income action plan session starts with another (more in-depth) in-person questionnaire that targets your aim in business, who your perfect customers and clients are, what your 90 day and 12 month goals are in progress, income and desire, your one thing, and your legacy. This in-person questionnaire lets me hear you speak your dreams out loud, as well as intuitively pick up on your fears and current blocks. From there we will dissect your offerings and together, streamline your sales funnels so you work smarter, not harder, while being open to growing not only your business, but your mind.


When our time together comes to an end you’ll receive a (on average) 8 page PDF report on everything we have discussed right from the moment you made your booking. You’ll get a detailed outline of your new sales funnel, 12 month income projections based around conversion statistics and doing the work involved in bringing that sales funnel to life, as well as specific action steps to take over the next 12 months to stay focused, bring you a ROI (return of investment) within 90 days, and meet your desired income goals, and how to grow as a business that meets your needs without taking away your sanity.


In case you wanted to re-live our call together, you can. To avoid losing time by us both taking notes, I want you to be completely present with me on the call, so I record it so you can refer back to it any time you like to get that perfect line or breakthrough idea you mentioned while you were in your element. You'll receive it as an mp3 that you can download to your computer, tablet or phone and listen to on the go.


Energy goes, where energy flows. You might not be making the money you currently want in your business, but you need to know how much of your money you are spending and how much you are earning. You’re a business, and successful businesses know what their money is doing. Truth is, you might be spending more than you need to, and you also might be making more than you’re giving yourself credit for. Either way, with awareness you can begin to make a difference. You’ll get these PDF’s immediately after out time together so you can print off and use month after month to track your results.


This worksheets takes brainstorming income streams to a whole new level because it doesn’t let you stop when you think you’re out of ideas. This is for manifesting money instantly. Once you get on a roll you’ll very quickly identify what can be done immediately so you can take action and open yourself up to receiving it. The perfect exercise to help get your creative juices flowing and your bank balance rising quickly.


Let’s be real, you can have all the strategies and projections under the sun working in your favour, but growing your business will bring up every self-doubt and fear you have about becoming a wild success, no exceptions. To help release these beliefs I have put together a 10 minute “I Am Enough” tapping (EFT) audio that will help you move that negative energy towards positive action, because if you want to leave a legacy, that’s what it’ll take. Positive, soulful and aligned action.

This Service Is Perfect For You If You...

You wake up in the morning, sit down at your desk and have no idea what to focus on first when it comes to growing your online business. You have a million things to do but feel overwhelmed because you know as soon as you start in one direction, something else is going to be competing for your attention leaving you unproductive and scattered.

You're stretched thin in all directions, find yourself trapped in admin work rather than working closest to the dollar, and the effort you are currently putting in isn't being received with as much traction as you anticipated.

But it's not all bad, despite the slow start you still strongly believe that you can have it all, and have most likely promised a trip to Disneyland to party with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in their mansion (#guiltyascharged) because constantly being asked by a 4 year old when that's going to happen gives you the drive and determination to continually better your income each month, no matter what that looks like to you.

But you don't know what you don't know.

And it's eating you up.

And you sure-as-hell are not going to wait for your someday to come because you know life doesn't work like that and you're ready to put a date on it. Beyoncé style. You want to start working towards that golden light at the end of the tunnel and you want to see results. Yesterday.

You certainly don't want "earn a profit" to be anywhere near your 2016 resolution lists because by then you'll be well on your way to showing the rest of the world how it's done.

You're ready. You're open to new ideas. You want to hear the PayPal notification on your phone beeping off the hook, and you're willing to invest to make it so.

You're a Soulful Warrior. Let's do this!

Payment plan is $99.75 per week for 4 weeks, total charged is $399

Got Questions? I've Got Answers!

  • q-iconI want to invest, but can I pay in instalments?

    Yes absolutely, you can pay $99.75 per week for 4 weeks if you like. Once you have made your first payment then we can get you booked for a time after the final payment has been made, and I’ll get you to fill out that pre-session questionnaire which will start to get your brain ticking over and ideas flowing while I take a closer look into your business.

  • q-iconAre there any guarantees?

    If you want to read my coaching agreement you can do so right here. In short, the answer is I will show up for you if you show up for yourself, and that includes doing the work that I will lay out in the plan for you. A healthy combination of heart and hustle will see your dreams come to life. THAT, I can guarantee.

  • q-iconSo if I buy via the payment plan, then change my mind, is that cool?

    Absolutely – you have the right to change your mind at any time. We can stop any further payments coming out immediately, but unless there is an apocalypse, zombie attack or alien invasion, there won’t be any refunds due to the time I would have already invested in researching your business.

  • q-iconHow long until I see a ROI (return of investment)?

    That depends on your business and how far along you are, but I haven’t created a plan or sales funnel that sees a ROI fall outside of the 90 day income goal period. So worst case scenario, 90 days.

  • q-iconSo no refunds?

    No. Treat this appointment like you would if you were booking in time with Oprah, Marie Forleo, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, or anyone else you admire. With respect and commitment.

  • q-iconI don't have an email list, does that matter?

    In my humble opinion, your financial wealth lies in your list, but if you don’t have one yet that’s ok, because I can certainly map out ways to grow one quickly, as well as what opt-ins and product names you can use to get you started.

  • q-iconI have a product based business, will this work for me?

    Ever heard the saying catch a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime… I fully endorse that saying. My genius is with information and online serviced based businesses but we can most certainly have a chat about your product business and how you can grow it online through teaching and passive income streams. Check out my Clarity Chats for more information.

  • q-iconHow long do the Income Action Plan sessions run for?

    A max of 90 minutes, which turns out the be the case for most of my clients, but in the event that your business is further along or you have already nailed down the offerings but can’t figure out how to streamline them, then it might not take that long. I certainly won’t be dragging the session out just to make up minutes, I respect your time more than that, but if we do finish early I am more than happy to brainstorm with you over marketing your offerings. #countmein

Payment plan is $99.75 per week for 4 weeks, total charged is $399

Praise For The Income Action Plan

Praise for the pre-session questionnaire:

Interesting as I write this... the little voice in my head goes... now you know why you’re not making the income you want lol – Megan

I am very excited about chatting with you. Even just answering these question has already set off a number of a-ha moments in my head. Yay! Talk soon x – Shalome

Wow! Filling this out has been eye opening…. Really needing clarity with how to start making money. – Alex

Praise for the Income Action Plan session and PDF report:

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Praise for the added bonuses:

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Payment plan is $99.75 per week for 4 weeks, total charged is $399